LEAP Spots



Client // John Deere

When your ambitions are considerable, you need to act equally so. John Deere has Leap Ambitions. These are its focused goals designed to boost economic value and sustainability for its customers. The company is committed to achieving these goals by 2026 and 2030 respectively. Changing the game since its founding in 1837. When anyone thinks of agriculture, the name that soon follows is John Deere.

To personify John Deere’s tagline of ‘we run, so life can leap forward’, we created a series of films that focused on the technologically impressive solutions that John Deere is employing. We magnified how the company is changing the agricultural game through such innovations as autonomous vehicles that increase productivity while reducing environmental footprint - specifically through increased sustainable material use and decreased emissions. We combined different filming techniques to personify precisely how John Deere will achieve these ambitions by shooting a script focused on the seamless harmony between man and machine.