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The TB12 Foundation created an amazing program to give back to student-athletes by leveraging their expert Body Coaches to improve the health and wellness of young athletes.

TB12 and Brockton High School partnered together for the first year of the program, sixteen athletes from Brockton were selected to participate. The program focused on the five pillars of TB12 Sports – Pliability, Functional Strength & Conditioning, Hydration, Nutrition, and Cognitive Fitness.

Our team was asked to highlight four (4) student-athletes and tell their story about Brockton High School, athletics, and their TB12 experience. With no scripts or teleprompter, these four athletes told their stories from the heart. This docu-style content was created for a digital landscape.

During the last night of the project, Tom Brady made a surprise visit virtually to speak with all the participants. Our team created various several videos for social media and broadcast TV in less than 24 hours.

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