Social Ad Package


New England Free Jacks


Increase engagement for the sport of rugby and their team.



To help increase engagement for the New England Free Jacks and in general the sport of rugby. We attempted to capture the attention of their current fans and those that aren’t interested in rugby today.

This social Ad package was made up of four (4) videos in total with a focus on the sport, atmosphere, and excitement surrounding the sport and team. The New England Free Jacks were founded in 2018 and is part of Major League Rugby which is comprised of 12 teams. It’s a newer professional sports league in the United States, but the sport has been around since 1823. It is a fast-paced strategic and physical game.

The goal was to drive engagement by creating three short-form videos for various social media platforms. We strived to give viewers a dynamic and engaging experience in as little as 15 seconds.

Upon the seasons’ end, we created a thank you video for the fans to show the appreciation that the team and organization have. This content was designed for a social and web-based digital landscape.

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