Leaps Unlocked

LEAPS Unlocked

Client: John Deere


John Deere’s Annual Investor Day focused on its technology and the value it provides to its customers and investors. The goal was to create an investor day unlike anything else by talking about the future more than financials and past performance. The in-person attendees were fifty (50) of Deere & Co.’s largest investors. Our team designed and produced, as well as managed the production and distribution of the event.

It was our responsibility to create two similar but different event experiences for the in-person attendees and virtual attendees. To coin an industry term this was a hybrid event that required two Technical Directors (TDs). For in-person attendees, our focus was on the design of the space, LED wall, animations, and videos that amplified the speaker’s messages. For the virtual audiences, all of the above mattered, but we needed to provide a production that matched or beat the in-person experience! To do that, we used six (6) full-frame cinema cameras to capture the event, only 2 cameras were fixed on tripods while the other 4 cameras were mobile on a JIB or stabilizer.

A team of roughly 75 people led by Joe Michaels (Director) and Sean Gately (EP) was part of the creative process to make this event happen from concept to delivery.


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