High School Partnership

High School Partnership

Client: TB12 Foundation


TB12 Foundation’s High School Partnership of 2022 is a program that is focused on educating and training student-athletes. This year Brockton High School and Malden High School participated in the program. Brockton High School and its students worked with TB12’s Foxboro location while Malden High School and its students worked with TB12’s Back Bay location. TB12 leveraged their expert Body Coaches to design a program focused on the TB12 Method with the goal to create a positive impact and tools students can use for the rest of their life.

Our team produced and created 3 videos that highlighted the program and one incredible student-athlete from each school. The two student stories were produced as a docu-style by focusing on the student’s story and the impact the TB12 program has had. The program overview was produced through pre-interviews with a focus on showcasing the background and benefits for future schools.

We managed all creative aspects of this project from pre to post. Content for this project was shot over a 6-month period, 12 production days, by a 5-person team. All media was shot using Sony Fx6s.

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